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News Here’s what the cancelled Metallica vehicular combat game looked like


Kevin Dooley


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Gameplay footage of a canceled Metallica game from 2003 has come to light showing us what could have been.

The title, known as Damage Inc., was a vehicular combat game developed by Black Rock Studios (which is no longer with us) for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC and took inspiration from classics such as Vigilante 8, Twisted Metal Black and Smuggler's Run 2.

The gameplay that has surfaced (see below) is far from a finished build of the PlayStation 2 version but gives you a very good idea of what the finished version would've looked like. You'll note that despite being an early version, the build included a day/night cycle.

The footage above shows us a few of the game's vehicles each with a choice of two weapons and different armour configurations. Surprisingly you could actually jump out of your current vehicle and in to another should you wish. You're not totally defensive on foot either as you'll have a handy pistol at your disposal should you need to pop off a round or two.

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