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News GRIP’s latest update sees improvements to several tracks


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Game: GRIP: Combat Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Date: 06/11/2018

The very latest v1.1.5 update for the rollcage-esque racer GRIP sees improvements to several tracks and is available now.

Grip rollcage successor caged element indie racing game desert environmentThe update is said to help make the cars more predictable and reduce annoyances thanks to smoother surface areas and some portions of the tracks which have been completely rebuilt. The development team are are of a number of bugs present within this update and are currently working on further fixes.

You can view the track changes for the v1.1.5 update for GRIP below.

A list of changes to the racetracks in this patch: 

Alhatra Wastes 

Smoothed a lot of terrain, lowered terrain in area prior to radio tower so that there is no longer a blind hump 

Improved collision in various parts of the map, most notably the large building near the starting gate 

Improved various areas with new or updated structures and rock formations, as well as included a new ramp spline that allows players to perform a barrel roll/loop-di-loop 

Note: Alhatra's performance has been getting worse, although we've been performing many optimizations. We're looking into this issue


Completely rebuilt an area of the track that proved frustrating for players. The corner directly after the exit of the first tunnel in forwards has now been replaced with a route that takes you higher up the hill (NOTE: this is still WIP, we will be changing the turn in the tunnel to help produce more corkscrew driving) 

Improved collision in various parts of the map, and updated the collision mesh for the bridge spline 

Removed troublesome obstacles in the tunnels and added more flowing ramp splines that are either there to be dodged or to encourage rolling cars onto their other side 

Added various structures

Yuri Industrial 

Improved first corner on the left route in reverse mode 

Added flag assets as a test to see how they function/look 

Added some ramp assets

FIC Outpost 

Smoothed various parts of the terrain, including the entrance into the cave tunnel 

Improved collision in many areas, as well as updated rock assets with proper collision 

Added some habitat structures (blue buildings) 

Optimized level overall


Optimized forcefield asset so it's less demanding on performance 

Improved various AI splines and added avoidance volumes to make AI better at navigating tracks

Here is a list of some known issues with this patch (v.1.1.5): 

The menus only support mouse navigation right now. Gamepad support will be coming as soon as possible. 

Vehicle physics can be screwy at times, causing your car to bounce unexpectedly, catch on geometry or spend too much time in the air. We've been aware of these types of issue for a while and have constantly been improving physics as we go. We won't stop until GRIP's cars are a dream to drive (NOTE: The Vintek Warlander is by far the least stable car in terms of physics issues) 

Some users with older PCs may experience lower performance with the last few patches. This is due to us updating our custom Unreal Engine version to 4.12, and not having the time to fully optimize yet. 

For very few users the game may freeze periodically while playing. This is an issue associated with UE4, of which Epic are aware. If you experience this, some possible workarounds can be found HERE or HERE[cagedelement.comgriptemp] 

Pickups balancing still needs work 

The Vintek Warlander's rim customization currently has Cygon rims, when it shouldn't 

Some users are reporting that pausing the game after finishing an event gets rid of mouse navigation 

Some Vintek sound effects may be louder than other sounds 

Transport: There are a few areas of the map where you can reset outside of the race tunnel and fall into the void.

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