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News Gran Turismo Sport’s pre-orders go through the roof after PlayStation VR announcement


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Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 17/10/2017

Hype for Gran Turismo Sport went through the roof after the recent PlayStation VR release announcement.

The upcoming VR compatible racer from Polyphony saw a recent rise in its Amazon UK pre-orders by over 500%, a very impressive figure indeed. There's no denying Gran Turismo's might in selling new consoles over the years, and no doubt this too will apply to PlayStation VR headsets.

Gran Turismo Sport was announced in October last year, the latest Gran Turismo title will feature two online championships which will run simultaneously and are officially sanctioned by the FIA. Sony have stated that Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7 and that they are “not announcing Gran Turismo 7 at this stage”.

Sport comes complete with three game modes: Campaign, Sport and Arcade, but of course the main focus of the game will be the aforementioned online championships. Since the original announcement details on Gran Turismo Sport have been sparse to say the least, the last we heard the game was supposed to host a beta early this year. However as things have all gone silent we can perhaps expect the beta to arrive later in the year if at all.

Of course anyone that has followed Gran Turismo over the years will be completely used to delays so unfortunately this will come as no surprise to most of us. However with E3 fast approaching we may not be far away from some much-needed news.

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