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News GeneRally 2 racing onto Kickstarter January 2014


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It's been 11 years since the release of GeneRally, a delightful, diddy top-down freeware racing game downloaded by millions when it was released in 2002. It became an instant cult classic, with its accessible mechanics, addictive multiplayer and retro styling reminiscent of top-down racing arcade staples such as Super Sprint.  

A sequel has apparently been in the works for some time by the original developers (a close-knit team of two from Finland), but now news has come to light that a Kickstarter for the project will commence in January 2014 to get the development underway through community funding. 

A post on the GeneRally development blog explains that the Kickstarter project was expected to start in the final quarter of this year, but the developers want to maximise their chances of securing funding by avoiding hte Christmas rush. The funding goal will be modest compared to some high profile campaigns, and a closed alpha build will be sent to "selected community testers."

A brief teaser trailer has been released ahead of the Kickstarter campaign, showcasing GeneRally 2's new 3D engine:


That's all we have to go on for now, but we'll keep you updated as the project progresses. Whether or not the 3D sequel can retain its 2D predecessor's simple remains to be seen, though despite the jump to 3D its simplistic graphics have been retained.

In the meantime, if you've never played the original GeneRally you can download it for free on their official website.

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