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News Future plans for Automobilista laid bare


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Reiza Studios have released an overview of their future plans with their PC racing sim Automobilista Motorsports Simulator.

According to Reiza, Automobilista should stay in Early Access until the latter stages of April this year. New builds are expected to roll out every week for the beta and then every two weeks when the game releases.

Reiza are currently developing a web portal which will enable them to create a web-based multiplayer lobby where users can view and join multiplayer sessions (in addition to the current matchmaker from Steam). The web portal will also have official rooms for public multiplayer races, leaderboards (based on the Time Trial mode), a league finder system and official seasonal competitions which are said to be tied to the real-world official racing series.

Reiza have also listed content that will be present in the full release which includes the Boxer Cup GT3, the Copa Montana (based on pre-2009 Stock Car V8 chassis with 350 bhp), the Virginia International Speedway, Speedland (a new karting facility located in Sao Paulo, Brazil), and Mendig Airfield Gymkhana (described as a fictional racing playground).

For the full list of additions and features check out this link.

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