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News Forza Horizon 5 polished but rubbish with a wheel


Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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Game: Forza Horizon 5

Platform: PC, XBox One, XBox Series X

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 05/11/2021

Forza Horizon 5 has arguably become the leading racing gaming franchise for Xbox over the past few years. The huge success of Forza Horizon 4 cannot be understated and though not a game I found terribly involving, it did appeal to casual gamers on a large scale. On comes Forza Horizon 5, the announcement mere months from release, it potentially forms as the finale of the XBox One generation with Playground Games incredible technical skills. Yet there were no preview hands-on opportunities, this always forms a certain level of apprehension when it comes to new releases and the opinions of selected media and streamers just doesn’t cut it when there is an obvious lack of transparency on objective opinion.

Onto the game and getting it late I wasn’t able to produce the preview content, this also affects my opportunity to grow an audience around the game, hence my coverage will be limited and time to spend on it, even more so. So, my first port of call was to give a hands on and give my impressions and you can see those in the video below.

Suffice to say from a technical construction standpoint it is another work of art on the XBox Series X, however technical online issues are abound on the PC version and all formats appear to have encountered issues with various online modes and server limitations. While the core game follows the tried and tested model, the steering wheel issues that plagued previous iterations remain and rather disappointingly it effectively ended by planned content. So, I might pick it up again on streams in due course to get further into the game, but with the lack of viewer following in missing those previews, it probably won’t be worth the effort.


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