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News Flatout 4: Total Insanity releases for the Xbox One & PS4


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Game: FlatOut 4

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive, Strategy First

Release Date: 17/03/2017

Today marks the release of Flatout 4: Total Insanity for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

With the original developer BugBear long since departed, the fourth iteration sees French developer Kylotonn Games take over duties on a series which has now had three developers across just four main numbered titles.

Flatout 4: Total Insanity continues the tradition of granting fans a wide array of vehicle types and destructible environments. Kylotonn Games were keen to include a number of classic modes, tracks and vehicles so you may spot some old favourites here and there.

The career introduces the newly added assault mode which enables players to use four distinct weapons which promises to be very chaotic. Elsewhere, you can expect to rip it up in the new arena environments or perhaps you prefer crashing into friends? Well Flatout 4 has you covered with 8-player online and offline multiplayer.

The legendary Stunt mode returns in Flatout 4: Total Insanity, this time around you can expect the classics that you know and love along with some additional challenges which range greatly in difficulty.

We recently covered lots of the content you can expect to see in Flatout 4: Total Insanity in our overview video which you can view below, you can expect more Flatout 4 gameplay coverage very soon so stay tuned. Let us know how you're finding the title so far in the comments.

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