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News Final Fantasy XV driving video takes you on a relaxing road trip


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I must admit, we didn't expect to be be covering a Final Fantasy game on VVV any time soon. 

Showcased in a bizarre new video, part of Final Fantasy XV's open world gameplay will involve driving. It's surprisingly comprehensive, too.

You can drive using the automatic or manual mode, but those terms don't have the same meaning to you and I: manual lets you get behind the wheel, whereas automatic hands the keys to your digital chauffeur so you can enjoy the ride at your leisure.

Four viewpoints also let you soak in the action, from the traditional "tail view" and first person camera, a "joyride" view that lets you interact with your passengers and admire the wind physics as their hair blows in the breeze and a "sceneic" camera that zooms out to let you appreciate your surroundings. 

The full five minute video takes you on a relaxing road trip, in which no traffic laws are broken. Well, expect for the fact none of the occupants are wearing seatbelts. That's just irresponsible.

For a series that typically involves turn-based battles slashing monsters with swords, this was rather unexpected. 

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