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Alan Boiston

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VVV is above all about racing and going really fast, it’s about g-forces and understanding how those affect the human body and bringing an understanding of that experience to a wider audience. Yesterday Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump was truly a sight to behold, and none more appreciative than the aeronautical and automotive industries, pushing technology and the human spirit in yet another giant leap.

One of the views we didn't see was that from Baumgartner himself, no doubt concerns over his safety and risk of seeing a dreadful accident live on TV. But today the first shots have been shown and no doubt we'll see many more in even greater detail in the coming months and years.

From looking out over the curvature of the Earth you can see this truly was the edge of space, something many of us will never experience but for the young out there perhaps the science learned here will pave the way for super altitude aircraft of the future. Only a few seconds and it is impossible to gauge the feeling of motion though the spin was tremendous Baumgartner used all of his training in regaining control as he broke 800mph barrier, exhausting and terrifying while wrapped up in the beauty of the moment. We enjoy history in the making…


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