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News Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles & Handbrake announced


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Just when you thought Fanatec couldn't possibly make any more new peripheral announcements, here's two more for you.

Seems they've exhausted their line-up of wheel rims for now, however, and are focusing their attentions onto the Drift and Rally markets with the unveiling of the ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and ClubSport Hand Brake.

Rallying and drifting demands a completely different driving style to track racing, with faster wheel movements and larger steering angles. This is where the ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles come in, an optional extra for the ClubSport Wheel base allowing the wheel to move independently to the paddles akin to the Thrustmaster T500, making shifting hassle-free in these scenarios.

Conveniently, the paddles have a quick release system so they can be mounted and detached within seconds, allowing you to switch to the Formula Rim if required. The shifter paddle position can also be adjusted to fit different wheel rim sizes. It's made with fine CNC machined and anodized aluminum to match the base of the ClubSport Wheel Rim.

By default, the paddles are made of black metal, but a carbon fiber version will also be available, as depicted in the promotional image and demonstration video provided. 

The ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles will be available for 79,95 USD / Euro (excl. tax / incl. tax) when it's released this Summer.


Then we have the ClubSport Handbrake, featuring an analog axis and is made entirely of metal. It features an ergonomic soft foam grip and can be connected either with the ClubSport USB adapter or plugged into the ClubSport pedals.

Console users won't miss out either, as connecting it to the ClubSport pedals will make it compatible with Forza Motorsport.

The lever can be moutned in two different ways and you can attach it to both sides or the bottom, as shown in an instructional video.


The ClubSport Handbrake will be available "very soon" for 99,95 USD / Euro (exc. tax / incl. tax).

To say that Fanatec have been on fire lately is be an understatement – these new announcements bring the total number of new product reveals to eight in the last couple of weeks or so. They're certainly more affordable than the previously-announced Wheel Rims, and it's great to see Fanatec diversify into other racing markets outside of traditional track racing.

What does Fanatec have in-store for us next, we ask? 

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