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News Fanatec announces Formula Rim for CSR Elite


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A new Formula rim will be available for the Fanatec CSR Elite wheel, it's been announced.

It will also sport the same sturdy metal construction and shifter paddles from the ClubSport Formula rim along with artificial leather handgrips for added sheek. 

It all sounds appealing for those who want a more authentic wheel for F1 games, but the only downside is that, unlike the ClubSport, the CSR Elite's rim isn't really designed to be tinkered with and therefore doesn't have a quick release. A bit of extra fiddling is therefore required, as the video below demonstrates:

Of course, the CSR Elite was already an expensive piece of kit to put it mildly, which is why it comes as no surprise to learn that the additional Formula Rim will be sold for 179.99 Euros when it's released this Autumn.  

Fanatec also stated that the Formula rim is the only additional rim planned for the CSR Elite with more planned for the Clubsport wheel, so don't expect this to be a regular occurrence.

Will you be buying the CSR Elite Formula rim? Let us know in the comments below, or message us on our Facebook page

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