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News F1 2018’s latest discount is making headlines


Kevin Dooley

News Editor

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Game: F1 2018

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 24/08/2018

F1 2018 Headline Edition is currently available on the PlayStation Store with a 40% discount – meaning it can be yours for £32.99 (down from £54.99).

The deal runs until this Wednesday, October 3 so you’ll need to get a move on to take advantage of it. Oddly, the same deal cannot be had on the Xbox Store as it remains at the full price (you’d think with the worldwide release of Forza Horizon 4 tomorrow, a deal on the Xbox One version would make sense).

The Headline Edition of F1 2018 includes the “Headline Content DLC Pack” which adds both the 2009 Brawn BGP-001 and 2003 Williams FW25 classic cars to the game.

We reviewed F1 2018 recently and we believe it is an excellent representation of Formula One and improves on last year’s title. However, we believe that it may not be an essential purchase if you already own F1 2017.

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