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News F1 2015 PC patch contains updated car liveries & support for T150


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Following last week's F1 2015 update for the consoles, it's now the turn for the PC version of F1 2015 to get its latest update.

The new update sees support for the Thrustmaster T150 and SimXperience AccuForce racing wheels as well as a more strict corner cutting rule option following community feedback. Other highlights include updated car model/livery for seven teams including Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren among others.

Finally multiplayer gets some attention in this new update with a number of new fixes which should make for a smoother and more enjoyable online experience. You can see the full changelog for the PC update for F1 2015 below.

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Added a Strict corner cutting rules option and made the strict rules even stricter than they were previously following community feedback.

Added support for the SimXperience AccuForce steering wheel.


 Fixed an issue where host migration wouldn't work a session lobby.

Fixed an issue where a session would fail to start if multiple players joined simultaneously.

Fixed an issue where players could not change their tyres on the grid after completing an earlier OSQ session on the same track.

Sports Updates Part 2

Updated the car model / livery for Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Force India, McLaren, Lotus and Manor.

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