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News F-Zero inspired Super Pilot releasing on Steam this month


Kevin Dooley


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Game: Super Pilot

Platform: PC

Publisher: Dopa Games

Release Date: 18/09/2018

Futuristic racers have very much been in vogue for the last 12-18 months or so. The very latest to come to fruition is the F-Zero inspired Super Pilot.

The indie developed game originally came to our attention a little under two years ago, now I’m happy to report that the racer will be available on Steam Early Access sometime this month.

Super Pilot differs from most futuristic racers in that it offers you the chance to design your own tracks thanks to the simple and intuitive track editor. Tracks can be shared online for anyone to play. Players can rate and favourite any user-created tracks and compete with others thanks to leaderboard support.

Tracks can feature loops, twists, and pipes, but that’s not all: players can make upside-down and vertical sections too for some truly interesting designs.

Besides online play, the futuristic arcade racer also has 4-player split screen support and races against the AI can contain as many as 48 opponents!

We’ll let you know when Super Pilot launches later this month. If you cannot wait until then, developer Dopa Games are still offering a demo for those that wish to sample the game minus the exchange of those little metallic discs.

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Super Neon
Super Neon
3 years ago

Thanks for the news Kevin 🙂
I am helping the dev on Super Pilot. We are actually doing a closed beta and it is going really well.

We have a discord channel, everybody are warm welcomed to share with us their feedback on the project <3


Alan Boiston
Alan Boiston
3 years ago

Good find Kevin! It’s a nice concept, but the tracks and craft could do with a bit more detail in giving it all a bit of personality.

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