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News Exploring WRC 8’s open-world location


Kevin Dooley


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Much to our surprise, WRC 8 amongst having 14 rallies, a revamped career mode, and more training courses than you can shake a stick at, also has a small “open-world” area which enables you to explore certain areas.

Before you get too excited the feature is limited – still, we had a lot of fun driving through the few streets on offer, sliding in and out of warehouses, and going for a drive sans co-driver.

After setting off we soon find ourselves in a car park where we thought it fitting to pull some handbrake turns. After which we drive to the nearby bus station and warehouse for some Ken Block inspired ‘donuts’ and close shaves.

With that complete, we headed out onto the rally route for some high-speed driving. Sadly the game doesn’t let you stray off of the main rally route before being reset, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a future WRC title will allow us to truly drive where we wish.

You can view WRC 8’s mini open-world area in action in the video below.




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