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News Eutechnyx confirms NASCAR 2013: The Game; exclusive to PC and Steam


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In a surprise announcement, Eutechnyx has confirmed the existence of a new racing title: NASCAR 2013: The Game.

The successor to last year's NASCAR 2012: Inside Line, NASCAR 2013 interestingly marks a shift in the developer’s licensed NASCAR game series: instead of being available on computers and consoles, the new NASCAR will be exclusive to the PC and Steam markets.

Nothing is that oddball with regards to the game's core USP, though: as expected from an officially endorsed racing title, NASCAR 2013 features all the cars, the drivers and the (mostly oval) tracks that make up this year’s NASCAR Sprint Cup championship.

Content regarding previous championships, though, will be implemented in the form of what Eutechnyx is calling "Inside Line Highlights": using telemetry data, players can experience key moments from the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sprint Cup seasons.

Other interesting aspects of NASCAR 2013 are the (according to Eutechnyx) improved "paint booth tool" livery editor, as well as the claims of further update packs being made available as the 2013 season progresses.

Eutechnyx didn't reveal any details regarding the title's release date, though a quartet of in-game screenshots were released to tide us over until further information on NASCAR 2013 is announced.

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