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News DriveClub will support all PS4 wheels and feature hot hatches


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Evolution's words on DriveClub's driving physics have still left us pondering over exactly how it drives. While DriveClub is positively draped in next-gen graphical goodness and the "highest definition car models ever used in a game", all of it could be wasted if the driving physics aren't up to scratch. 

The developers have gone on to say that, despite DriveClub's penchant for aesthetic realism, under the bonnet lies a physics engine that's not a hardcore simulation or a pure arcade game, putting it in-line with the accessible handling model found in Grid 2. The jury's still out on whether or not it delivers a fun yet deep driving experience, but our recent E3 gameplay videos show a handling model that we think looks competent at this early development, but we will have to play it for ourselves to discover its true merits.  

Speaking of fun, the fun factor of a racing game can be significantly bolstered with the addition of a wheel. And according to an interview with TheSixthAxis, DriveClub will support every wheel that works on PS4. Unfortunately, a list of supported hardware for the PS4 hasn't been disclosed as of yet and there haven't been any new wheel announcements so far, but we can only hope that , unlike the PS3's software library, current console wheels from the likes of Logitech and Thrustmaster will be backwards compatible. Unless they decide to only support first party racing peripherals…which just leaves us with the aesthetically-horrific PS Move Wireless Wheel. 

One of my nagging criticisms over DriveClub was its decidedly Top Gear-attitude when it comes to cars, with an overabundance of swanky supercars gracing its screenshots and trailers. Yes, it's fun to hurtle round roads at ludicrous speeds in a Koneg, but we expect more diverse car rosters in our racing games. feature 

Fortunately, Evolution confirmed that supercars won't be the only car class featured in DriveClub: it will contain “everything from hot hatches” and upwards, so we can hopefully expect a more balanced car collection than what we were initially led to believe. 

They also confirmed that the team are aiming to have DriveClub running in 60fps to match its neighbouring competitor Forza Motorsport 5. It's by no means confirmed, however – E3 demos ran at 30fps, but DriveClub is still at an early stage of development so don't rule out the possibility just yet.  

We certainly hope to get behind the wheel of DriveClub ourselves to find out more as it gears up for launch alongside the PS4 this November. 

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