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News DriveClub developer Evolution Studios faces layoffs


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

DriveClub developers Evolution Studios, previously known for the PS2 WRC series and MotorStorm PS3 series, face further setbacks since the well-publicised DriveClub launch issues, as redundancies have reportedly hit the renowned racing studio. It's a subject we don't enjoy reporting on, but it comes as another grim reminder how the success of a video game can affect people's jobs.

Despite getting things back on track since DriveClub's disasterous launch period, Sony have confirmed the developer's restructure and future focus on updating DriveClub, including the belated PS Plus Edition: "Evolution Studios will now focus on DriveClub as a service going forward, in particular, the important launch of the PlayStation Plus Edition," said Sony. "We will be restructuring Evolution Studios to ensure that SCE WWS and, in particular, Evolution Studios are in the best position to achieve these goals."

Sony continued: "Our first party development studios are key to our creative strategy, and we are very excited about the future projects being worked on and the role Evolution Studios will play." 

DriveClub's year-long delay and subsequent launch issues most likely played a part, despite the developer getting the game back on track in recent months with some superb post-launch support. It's particularly tragic, because DriveClub still sold well overall, particularly in Europe, and a lot of passion was clearly poured into the project. 

While the studio hasn't been shut down, you have to wonder wonder if we'll see any first party exclusives from Evolution in the future. Our thoughts go out to all staff affected during this difficult time. 

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