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News Drive Any Track 0.5 update adds lots of improvements


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Foam Entertainment have released an update for their music-based racer Drive Any Track which brings it up to version 0.5.

The update adds all the usual fixes too including fixing achievements, finish line animations, flac/m4a decoding issues and plenty more which you can see in the changelog below.

Drive Any Track creates racetracks from the songs in your music library. The track is synced to your audio track with verses and choruses acting as checkpoints. The environments and the cars are styled to the genre of music you're currently playing.

Drive Any Track is expected to stay in Early Access until October. Check out the 0.5 update changelog below.

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0.5 update changelog


Track browser – press a key to jump directly to that letter in the list 

Recent tracks menu lets you sort by difficulty 


Improved ramp collision geometry 

Matching of similar tracks has been much improved, therefore reducing the number of separate leaderboards and versions of tracks for same songs 

"Soundtrack" tag is no longer part of “Classical” genre meaning Classical charts should contain less random tracks


Fix recurring finish lines and cars dropping off the track after the race ended 

Landing hard in a dip now doesn’t make the car come to a complete stop 

Fixed issue with file select menu where uppercase file extensions where not displayed 

Fixed possible flac/m4a decode issue 

Fixed issue with shanty-type building's stalks sometimes passing through the track at lower levels 

Fixed crash when song had no iD3 info 

Fixed ghosts sync issue 

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