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News Deep Forrest, GT7 versus GT6, something has to go and a lot has


Alan Boiston

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Game: Gran Turismo 7

Platform: PS5

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 22/03/2022

Last week Polyphony gave us a first look at raw gameplay of the Deep Forrest Raceway that will be returning to Gran Turismo 7. A much loved track in the previous games of the series that had been missed out in recent years by GT Sport. So, it is with some excitement that we sit back and check out that lap of a much appreciated, drivers circuit. Let’s take a look at that lap in action:

So, first impressions were of being underwhelmed, the track appears wider, less undulation, colours look washed out, while the iconic overhanging trees removed. Along with various changes to textures, all making it feel rather dull and sterile. Surely the track was better than this? Had my memory failed me? It was time to bust out Gran Turismo 6. In the video below I was able to go into greater detail on the changes made.

Already after a few laps on GT6 the memories returned, the fun of the driving experience. The essence of the course and that wonderful final sector with committed high speed corners requiring pin point accuracy. All of this now lost, not only the aforementioned issues, but so many more changes simply to make online racing potentially more competitive. This confusing the approach to GT7 and mixing it with GT Sport.

There no short answer to how we ended up here and I could write an essay on the changes and room for improvement, suffice to say that so far GT7 isn’t exactly setting the world alight. A PS4 game years in the making but in the era of the PS5, gamers are expectations are high and so far it is feeling more like an expansion for GT Sport, rather than the definitive Gran Turismo experience we’ve been waiting for. Only time will tell.

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