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News Daytona USA mod for Assetto Corsa looks surprisingly good


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

If you’re a regular at Team VVV, you’ll be aware of our extreme fondness for Sega’s arcade classic Daytona USA – a game which hasn’t seen a new home conversion in almost 10 years.

The title is strangely absent across all current platforms and only available on Xbox One via backward compatibility, thus creating a gaping hole in the history of racing games.

So, it comes as a nice surprise to see a new Daytona USA mod for Assetto Corsa which appeared in video form on Twitter this week.

Running smoothly with all the graphical details expected on the course, the mod accurately captures the essence of the official Daytona USA arcade game yet combines with the authentic simulation physics provided by Assetto Corsa. The mod is available via a link on the creator’s YouTube video and you can see another video of the mod in action below.

Note that the creator’s video runs at a 720 30fps with a poor bit rate which doesn’t show off the game well – not to mention the dreadful music choice. If we were you, we’d download the original audio assets and speech to really bring together that arcade experience.

The mod developer appears to have no plans to develop the other two circuits featured in Daytona USA. Regardless, the excitement raised by this mod is yet another demonstration to Sega of the absolute gold mine they have of old arcade IP’s which either saw substandard conversions from the arcade, or weren’t converted at all.

Hopefully, news blipping on the radar such as this will pique Sega’s interest. You can see more of those hidden gems in Sega Lord X’s rundown of a few key titles they could consider converting or updating in the video below.

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