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News Criterion preparing Vita port of new Need for Speed?


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Another job listing has been posted for what we presume is Criterion's forthcoming project soon to be revealed at E3.

This time the role is for a Software Engineer who will be responsible for "optimising and tuning the game resource system for the PS Vita", "interfacing the game engine with several parts of the Vita OS" and "implementing interoperation between PS3 and the Vita".

Interestingly, the post also hints at possible PS3 cross-compatibility by “implementing interoperation between PS3 and the VITA.”


We're hoping this means we can expect an experience akin to MotorStorm RC which has already set the benchmark when it comes to cross-compatibility on the Vita, allowing you to seamlessly progress through the game and compete with online players on either console. Replicating the commendable "pay once, get both" pricing strategy certainly wouldn't go amiss, either.     

While Criterion previously worked on a mobile port of Burnout Crash, not to mention the PSP iterations of the Burnout series, there's a possibility that this will be a port of the rumoured Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2.   

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