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News Chevrolet reveals GT6-inspired Corvette Stingray Concept for SEMA


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

Chevrolet has unveiled a new Corvette Stingray concept for this year's SEMA aftermarket trade show, sporting several nods to the car's association with Gran Turismo 6.

Revealed today in the initial image you see to your right, the 'Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo' concept features many cues inspired by the Corvette Stingray 15th Anniversary car that's available as a pre-order bonus for Gran Turismo 6, most notably with the dark blue paintwork, the decal design on the front fenders and the GT logo located behind the front wheel arches.

Other cosmetic upgrades over the stock Corvette Stingray road car include bespoke carbon-fibre body panels, such as the redesigned bonnet and prominent rear spoiler, along with yellow-tinted headlamps, ground effect aerodynamic additions to the bodywork and even a race-style tow hook on the front bumper.

Inside, the racecar theme carries on: the interior of the Corvette GT concept has been decked out with various motorsports-related features in the form of full race harnesses, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and a pair of Competition Style bucket seats. The powertrain is completed by the road car's seven-speed manual transmission and the 6.2 litre, 460 horsepower V8 engine.

Chevrolet also confirmed the car will find its way into Gran Turismo 6, though there's been no word from Sony Computer Entertainment or Polyphony Digital as to how the Corvette Gran Turismo will be added to the PS3 exclusive racing game (though we assume, given the latest Corvette is indeed the box cover car for GT6, it'll be already stamped onto the disc).

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