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News Check out the unique procedurally generated racer Space Ribbon


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Space Ribbon (currently found in Early Access) is something of an oddity in the racing genre and that's not a bad thing. The procedurally generated psychedelic PC racer, which is set in space no less, mixes futuristic looking tracks with classic and somewhat beaten up vehicles which bleed with charm.

If that wasn't strange enough, the procedurally generated tracks are actually spewed from the mouths of different giant space beasts (similar to what you'll find in Thumper). The action concludes when you reach the mouth of these beasts and soak in their saliva presumably.

According to the Steam page, the early access version of Space Ribbon currently offers four vehicles including all available upgrades along with support for 2-4 player local split-screen multiplayer. The full version, expected to release in early 2017, will include more cars and events, online multiplayer and full VR support.

We'll have more on Space Ribbon in the future, you can check out some screenshots which showcase the wacky racer below.

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