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News Bus Simulator 16’s fourth major update available


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Developer Stillalive Studios have made available their fourth major update for Bus Simulator 16.

The main highlight of the update is the added "Roundtrip" feature which now allows players the chance to drive a route back and fourth. This means you'll have the option to drive a route back after you've completed it. You can see the Roundtrip feature in action below.

Another highlight is the newly added force feedback support for "the most common steering wheels". Finally the update comes with the usual array of general bug fixes and improvements.

Bus Simulator 16 is a sim where you transport your passengers across five city districts in a safe and timely manner. The sim features six real life buses which range from two-door vehicles right up to large articulated buses.

You can view the full list of additions and changes below.

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Implemented general ForceFeedback (for non-Logitech(R) steering wheels) based on DirectInput

Most wheels will now have a proper default key binding

Bug Fixes:

Fixed label on police and ambulance cars not fitting in some languages

Fixed issue that bus name was displayed incorrectly when too long

When starting the game for the first time, it changes to windowed mode if not running at native resolution (to avoid the bug that the mouse position is offset)

Fixed wrong advertisement texture on big busstops

Added threshold to the "Wrong One-Way Direction" penalty (to avoid certain false-positives)

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