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News Broken Sword and The Witcher screenwriter’s new horror title “The Bunker” looks terrifying


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Splendy Games, a studio I must confess I have never heard of, announced themselves to the world today with details of their first and upcoming title The Bunker, a game which aims to provide a chilling and puzzling gameplay experience through an entirely live action medium and by all accounts the trailer really sets the scene.

Filmed on site in a Nuclear Shelter in Essex, The Bunker, which, pitches itself as a "Live Action Video Game Thriller" sets out to reveal the story of its protagonist and his surrounding through a series of puzzles and mysteries. These in turn will trigger flashbacks “revealing the terrifying mysteries of the bunker”

This alone is quite an ambitious project, but when you read further to Splendy’s claims that the game will let players fully explore the bunker without the use of special effects this really does present an intriguing concept.

Those who fear the old FMV video games of the early 90s should note that the team behind this game has some notable swagger in its ranks; Adam Brown, star of the recent The Hobbit trilogy, takes the role as the lead protagonist and is ably joined by Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful) and a host of other talent.

The story itself is being written by writers behind both Broken Sword and The Witcher – two award winning games that have both been received praised and accolades for their narratives experiences.

It's early days but the trailer above certainly seems to set a eerie tone and with other titles in recent years (Her Story anyone?) having successfully blended live action with the video games medium there’s a chance Splendy might be onto something. The idea of combining horror games with live footage is a potentially pleasing mix  if done right.

The Bunker will be published by Green Man Gaming and is slated for initial release on PC this summer 2016 with console and mobile launches schedule for later in the calendar year, Q3 and Q4 respectively).

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