's large update includes new car & multi-seat mode - Team VVV

News’s large update includes new car & multi-seat mode


Kevin Dooley


Posted on, a PC vehicle simulation game which features impressive soft-body physics, has received a very large update bring the title to version 0.5.

Highlights of the large update sees the Ibishu Pessima join the car list (see video below), and there's a new multi-seat mode which enables players to play with their friends on the same computer. The update also adds turbocharger simulation (complete with turbo lag and downspool etc), vehicle tuning and setups and the game now has an Android steering app feature which allows you to steer your vehicles using your smartphone as a wheel.

Elsewhere, tyre deflation simulation has been improved, many cars have retuned suspension (see below for list), wobbly steering wheels have been fixed and, very importantly, an alternate 36 inch tall orange cone has been added, no really. Furthermore, the new update sees enhancements to the physics core, collision, automatic transmission, vehicle interiors, and much more besides.

You can check out's smartphone app in action and you can also view the full exhaustive list of changes in's v0.5 update below.

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Full changelog below:


Added experimental multiseat mode (requires one controller per player, can be temporarily enabled for Freeroam mode in Options > Gameplay)

Added turbocharger simulation (realistic turbine up, downspool and turbo lag. Characterics are configurable, from small and responsive to big and violent. Comes with two debugging apps)

Added ‘NodeOffset’ feature: you can offset parts of a vehicle, such as wheels or trailers, to make them compatible with different vehicles

BeamNG.Drive Remote Control app for Android (Drive using your smartphone!). Get the app here.

Added tire popping sound effects

Added ‘Keys’ app for vehicle-specific bindings

Added material opacity map (syntax: opacityMap[0])

ESC now reacts more realistically to quick steering changes


New vehicle: ’88-’91 Ibishu Pessima

Wheels and tires separated out into a new global system. If the lug nuts line up, you can put any wheel on any car, and any tire that fits on that wheel. Lots of new possibilities!

Improved tire deflation

Completely retuned suspension (200BX, Barstow, Bolide, Covet, D-Series, Grand Marshal, H-Series, Moonhawk, Pessima, Roamer, SBR4, Sunburst)

Sway bars replaced with a better design that doesn’t bind or give weirdly changing anti-roll stiffness

Race and rally coilovers have new more digressive damping curves and are now height-adjustable

Added breakable inter-part collision triangles to reduce the likelyhood of vehicles sticking together in collisions (200BX, Covet, D-Series, Grand Marshal, H-Series, Pessima, Roamer, SBR4, Sunburst)

Moved Roamer into its own vehicle, thanks to the ability to use common jbeams, so there’s no redundant data

Roamer: New non-offroad sheriff variant added with pushbar, added alternate interior colors

200BX: New gear ratios, new “Turbo Rabbit” fender flares, front bumper lip, new 6 speed race transmission, improved anti-stretch beams, police variant changed to use automatic, new lights textures to fit better with Pessima and Covet, new “blade” style wheels for the Type-LS

Covet: Properly modeled turbo and intercooler, new 4 speed manual transmission for DX, new gear ratios, fixed skidplate using wrong engine, new hubcaps for LXi to replace alloys, new “blade” style wheels for the ZXi

H-Series: Improved heavy duty rear suspension, improved muffler jbeams, retuned gear ratios, cargo area filled with collision triangles for reliable hauling, H15 cargo doors open and close

D-Series: New D15 extended cab and D35 heavy duty variants, retuned gear ratios, fixed DS Custom suspension deforming beams, bed filled with collision triangles for reliable hauling, added alternate interior colors

SBR4: Improved anti-stretch beams

Moonhawk: Improved col tris in the front for less sticking, separated shock and spring parts, fixed binding driveshaft, added alternate interior colors

Bolide: Glass strength tweaks

Grand Marshal: Fixed c-pillar area deforming too easily, fixed binding driveshaft, retuned gear ratios, separated shock and spring parts, added alternate interior colors

Pessima: Front end deformation improvements, fixed c-pillar area deforming too easily, remade stanced version without stanced parts using the new tuning system

Sunburst: Front end deformation improvements, moved front license plate forward 1mm

Fixed messed up glass damage textures on Covet, Grand Marshal, and D15

Optimized and improved chrome lettering materials and textures

Fixed incorrect speedometer limits on some cars

Added alternate 36 inch tall orange cone


Small optimizations (~2%) of physics core

Improved performance of tire marks

Arcade automatic now lifts throttle between shifts

Added ‘one way’ triangle breakgroups


Fixed Level of Detail (LoD) issues on Hirochi Raceway

Fixed gridmap loading some resources from other maps


Added “Nimble Pessima” scenario, highlighting the Pessima ZX AWS’s four-wheel steering abilities

Added 5 multiseat demolition derby scenarios: “Concrete”, “Regular”, “Varied Ground”, “Mud Pit” and “The Pit”

User interface:

Added available vibration/force feedback motors in controls menu (under ‘force feedback’ tab)

Scrolling in the vehicle configurator does not scroll tabs too anymore

Re-added PostFX manager button graphics menu

Race timers now using lua timer instead of their own

Added turbo activity debug app


Fixed incorrect steering axis inversion with Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel

Fixed ‘ffb-not-bound’ message not updating when user removes bindings or unplugs controllers

Fixed inability to use vibration-only DirectInput controllers (such as Genius Twin Wheel)

Fixed support for multiple bindings in the same control (e.g. activate both parking brake and clutch with a single press)

Fixed Digital Speedo showing wrong value for speedunit

Fixed Racetimer not resetting when leaving the scenario’s end message screen

Fixed dynamic collision bugs. These bugs heavily degraded slow-mo collisions

Fixed switchable materials for vehicle props (gauge needles will glow properly now)

Fixed various issues with mod manager

Fixed camera positioning when vehicles are reset and physics are frozen

Fixed non working ABS lights

Fixed missing values in some controls parameters

Fixed inability to add new bindings without removing others in some cases

Fixed problem with tachometer units

Fixed incorrect line endings in launcher log file
Running with -cefdev now creates cefdev.log correctly in user folder and opens chrome console at startup

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