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News Assetto Corsa Lotus Exos Type 125 screenshots released


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

Following the acquisition of the Lotus license, Kunos Simulazioni have released some new in-game shots showcasing the Lotus Exos Type 25 open wheeler in action as the release of the final game draws closer, with preorders slated to commence this month

The Exos Type 125 was conceived by Lotus as a Formula One-spec consumer car, notable for its pant-wetting power to weight ratio – it weighs just 650 kilo's, and yet it has 640 bhp so expect it to be something of a harrowing handful in Assetto Corsa. Not that we're complaining of course. 

Unsurprisingly, you have to be somewhat wealthy to own one in real life, as the Exos Type 125 sells at a modest $1 million a piece.

With its authentic simulation physics, Assetto Corsa seems like the closest the majority of us will ever get to driving one –  unless you happen to present Top Gear.  

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