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News Art of Rally is a top-down racer from Absolute Drift dev


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Art of Rally is an upcoming retro-inspired top-down racer from the makers of Absolute Drift.

Sporting a handling model that has been overhauled from Absolute Drift, Art of Rally will make for a more predictable and forgiving experience (and that’s certainly not a bad thing given the general difficulty found in Absolute Drift).

The rally racer doesn’t afford you the luxury of a co-driver, instead, you’ll have to react to the changing road conditions by viewing the environment ahead of your car which will take some skill. You can view some early gameplay of the title in the trailer below.

Art of Rally features a career mode which will see you race over 30 iconic rally cars from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Group B and Group S car classes are also represented. You’ll race across the globe in a range of different conditions at 50 rally stages with Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan, and Germany all featuring.

You can also expect to repair your rally car’s damage in between stages, and daily and weekly challenges, along with leaderboard support, will be included to keep things interesting.

Art of Rally is expected to launch on Steam at some point this year, no doubt we’ll be hearing more on this charming top-down racer in the coming weeks.

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