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News Arcade racer Rise: Race The Future releases on Steam on Nov 1


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Game: Rise: Race The Future

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: VD-dev

Release Date: 2020 (PS4 & XONE versions)

Arcade racing game RISE: Race The Future, developed by VD-dev, is set to release on Steam on November 1.

Development for the title was pushed back after the very unfortunate passing of VD-dev programmer and founder Fernando Velez.

RISE: Race The Future is set in the not so distant future and utilises an advanced wheel technology allowing you to drift on all surface types including water (!).

To get an idea of the action, take a look at the latest trailer below.

RISE: Race The Future features an intuitive drifting mechanic which should make the experience accessible and immediately fun. Racetracks have multiple paths, water zones, and jumps and are actually inspired by retro arcade rally games (expect to hold long drifts, then).

Several boost systems can be mastered to enhance your overtaking chances and corner exit speed: “The vehicle dynamics is based on realistic physics tweaked to enhance the player’s drifting ability. The result makes the handling extremely natural, smooth and precise for the most rewarding driving experience,” said VD-dev.

Check out the latest images in the gallery below and be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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