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News Arcade racer Gravel’s full list of 31 trophies revealed


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Game: Gravel

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l, Square Enix Co.

Release Date: 27/02/2018

We are just days away from the release of Milestone's arcade racer Gravel which pays homage to racers of yesteryear with its fast-paced action and colourful visuals.

With every racing game release, there's always some anticipation seeing the trophy and achievements list to see which ones you will be gunning for.

Gravel's trophy list has come to light and includes some interesting challenges. Highlights include the Like a train! trophy which asks you to maintain "high speed" for 40 consecutive seconds, the 3 seconds in heaven! trophy where you'll have to perform a jump which lasts at least 3 seconds, and the Reckless drifter! trophy will be yours once you've sustained a drift for at least 7 seconds!

You can view the full colour-coded trophy list for Gravel below. Let us know if any of these trophies catch your attention. Gravel releases on February 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Colour code:

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Gravel Hero 
Unlock all trophies

Top of the class



The fans are warming up

In front of everyone

Just a warning shot
Complete a special episode  

The real boss
Complete all the special episodes

Reach Level 10  


The Graduate!

Like a train!
Maintain "High Speed" for 40 consecutive seconds 

40 wheels for me
Unlock 10 new vehicles from the basic game

Unlock 20 new vehicles from the basic game  

All in!
Unlock all the vehicles in the basic game  

3 seconds in heaven!

Perfect landing!
Perform at least 3 perfect landings

Beautiful outside
Unlock all of the liveries in the basic game  

Hello world!

Online Champion
Complete 10 online races 

Complete a race in every different location of the basic game  

Reckless drifter!
a drift for at least 7 seconds  


Always in the lead
Finish first in a Head to Head race 

Obtain all the stars in the Off-Road
Masters Career mode in the basic game  

The new Off-Road Master
Become the new Off-Road Master  

Unlock all the Tracks in the basic game  


Green wave

Full marks
Obtain 3 stars in a Career event  

I believe I can fly
Complete any track with a total of 6 seconds flying

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