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Game: American Truck Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: SCS Software

Release Date: 02/02/2016

American Truck Simulator releases in just over a week’s time, and to tide you over until then developer SCS Software have shared several images of the sim showing the in-game environments versus their real life counterparts.

The images compare Lake Tahoe at the border of California and Nevada, Pier 39, San Francisco, A lighthouse near Santa Cruz, California, the Cross of Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas and more. The results are pretty impressive, clearly SCS Software have spent a lot of time getting the scale of the buildings correct and have been busy putting in those finer details to make for a believable virtual representation of the real world.

SCS Software recently announced that the Nevada State DLC for American Truck Simulator will launch alongside the base game free of charge on February 3. Previously the title was only going to launch with just the one state of California for players to drive around. As an added bonus, the Arizona State DLC that SCS are currently busy working on will also launch for free once complete.

Check out the real life vs American Truck Simulator images below and leave us with your thoughts in the comments.

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