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Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 17/10/2017

This December will represent 20 years since the Japanese launch of Gran Turismo, then in March next year we’ll hit the UK anniversary of the title.  Having imported the Japanese version, I was busy working in a games shop selling GT at launch. Telling everyone how good it was, why they should buy it and how it was one of the best driving games ever made. Visuals on another level, but it was the replays that really showed off the action. Rather than just being in the car, you could see externally how it was performing and the racing lines required. In many ways it was one of the first games that made our Dad’s take notice. In this case we see Martin and Alex Brundle looking back on their history on the game.

There is mixed feedback from the community at the moment as to the content and direction of GT Sport. It’s taken a long time to come to fruition and now the franchise marketing machine is in full effect with some negative YouTube comments focusing on the commercial aspect of this video. But instead this should be viewed as something more intimate, a jovial conversation of Father and Son looking back on games they played together and shared enjoyment of motorsport, racing and video games. I can imagine Martin being super competitive if beaten, adapting himself to video games, and it reminded me of drastic improvements Johnny Herbert made when improving his skills at the GT Academy. 

In this video, Alex is clearly still up to speed on developments whereas for Martin it has clearly been some years. But it’s nice to see that appreciation of technology and for those of us that own VR headsets, it’s always great fun putting that headset onto someone who hasn’t experienced VR before. In this sense it was interesting to see how much more Martin got from this more immersive experience. 

Gran Turismo Sport is out now and don’t forget to check out or unboxing of the official T-GT wheel.

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