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The 3DS hasn't exactly been overrun with new racing titles lately. Nintendo's answer? Re-release some old timless classics classics. First up is a new port of the original Out Run in the form of 3D Out Run, now available on Nintendo's eShop. Except it isn't new at all, really. And I'm not just alluding to the fact the original was released in 1986, either.

3D OutRun was actually released almost a year ago on the Japanese eShop, but now European players can relive the classic coin-up on a handheld.

Out Run 3D retains all the glorious gameplay that made the original so special, but there are a few key differences. 

For one, you're not driving a convertible Ferrari anymore. It may look exactly as you remember it, but look closely and you'll notice the abscense of a Ferrari badge. Sadly, Sega lost the keys to the Ferrari license sometime ago now, which is why Out Run Online Arcade was pulled from PSN and XBLA. Then again, they technically didn't have access to the Ferrari license when the original was released, either. Not that it stopped them.

While the original arcade version of Out Run ran at 30 fps, the 3DS version has been upgraded to a silky smooth 60 fps, allowing for a sense of speed and fluidity that trounces the original. It runs at 60 fps in every area other than the end sequences. The original 4:3 is now displayed in 16:9 widescreen for the 3DS.


The iconic soundtrack has also been bolstered with two extra tracks, Cruising Line and Camino a Mi Amor, in addition to the classic Splash Wave, Magical Sound Shower and Passing Breeze that still strike a chord with nostolgic arcade goers. 

3D Out Run can purchased on Nintendo's eShop for $5.99.

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