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So, moving onto the presentation and we see a demonstration of the growth in UK TV viewing figures as Lewis Hamilton came on the seen, now the peak with Jenson Button's recent success. Its all very positive for the sport and gives Codemasters the best possible platform to kick start the franchise. That inaugural move into unchartered waters will take the form of PSP and Wii versions (these being aimed at the more casual markets).

Moving on, we see a video of Anthony Davidson (Brawn F1) and David Croft (Radio 5 Live Commentator) demonstrating their friendly rivalry, and jolly well entertaining it was too!

First impressions of the handling from our perception appears to have that swivel motion, whilst graphically it's solid, if unimpressive (maybe that's a limitation of the Wii hardware but the near 60fps framerate is, it must be said, quite good).

Now onto split screen on the new Abu Dhabi race track. Anthony Davidson comments "this isn't Singapore, I’ve no idea where I'm going" to the entertainment of the audience, then racing his way to victory, noting use of the KERS button (a nice touch!).

Following the presentation, and it''s atlast time for that hands-on! I select the Brawn GP of Jenson Button and hit the Suzuka Circuit. Nest described as basic, the road lacks any camber and handling has no feel. It’s immediately apparent that is a game purely for the beginner, the causal game and should not be taken in a serious regard as an active recreation of the sport.

So, visually uninspiring but the framerate does help, certainly at this early stage it's more of a 'pick-up-and-play' for the novice rather than the long term F1 Fan.

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