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Interviews Le Mans Esport: Steve Hood and James Allen Interviews


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Automotive Esports are finding their stride, with investment from Formula One and MotoGP moving the genre forward and finally displaying the potential many of us within automotive gaming already knew existed. The investment making for professionally delivered coverage and player profiles that draw in audiences while also opening the door to the world of real motorsport like never before.

Over the past two months players have been competing to quality in the newly announced Le Mans Esports series. I was invited to the launch at Silverstone Race Track to view the Silverstone round of the WEC and learn a bit about the plans for Le Mans Esport from Motorsport Network – Head of Esports: Stephen Hood and President: James Allen.

Stephen explains the structure of the competition, which features 6 qualifying rounds, this will be followed by a “Super Final” Le Man 24-hour race, 3 driver teams, working as a team to win a share of a $100,000 prize pot. Players will compete across Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox and PC via cross-play.

Meanwhile James Allen focuses on the skills of the players, using exactly the same controls as the real drivers. Now with Esport giving players with those skills a platform for greater exposure that perhaps they wouldn’t have had within the sponsorship driven world of real motorsport.

This is clearly long-term investment for all parties and with the 3 winners spitting a $100,000 prize pot there’s certainly a lot of play for. If you’d like to get involved in the Le Mans Esport series there is still time, simply visit https://www.lemansesports.com/en/ register and follow the instructions, the site contains plenty of information and you can also discuss the series on our forum.

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