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Interviews Le Mans Esport: Anthony Davidson Interview


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The Le Mans Esport launch took place at the Silverstone round of the WEC series, this gave a great opportunity to experience the real action and cross that bridge into real motorsport. It granted wonderful access to the pits and paddock besides a VIP view from the ever-impressive Silverstone Wing building.

Besides our interviews with James Allen and Stephen Hood, I had an inspection around the paddock before taking to the pitlane and a privileged opportunity for a grid walk. Catching up with Ben Green who was on the grid with Andy Priaulx and grabbing a few words from former WEC Champion Anthony Davidson, who has moved this season from Toyota Racing to the Dragonspeed team.

Anthony discussed his process in preparing the race and his expectations, moving to a new team with limited running would call upon all of his experience. Besides running in WEC and presenting on Sky F1, Anthony is also the official simulator driver for the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team, now running simulation for many years, his knowledge of both real and sim racing crosses that divide, this grants him a wonderfully articulate edge when it comes to giving feedback and mutual understanding of the skills displayed by top players.

We’ll have more news to follow and if you’d like to get involved in the Le Mans Esport series there is still time, simply visit https://www.lemansesports.com/en/ register and follow the instructions, the site contains plenty of information and you can also discuss the series on our forum. If you’d like to see a tour of the WEC Paddock, check out the video below.

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