Fordzilla Esports launch UK auditions & Emmanuel Lubrani Interview - Team VVV

Interviews Fordzilla Esports launch UK auditions & Emmanuel Lubrani Interview


Alan Boiston

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Last week Ford invited Team VVV to the launch announcement of the new UK division of their ever-expanding Fordzilla Esports Team. Ford revealed their UK Captain ‘Leah’ as well as giving us a general overview of their plans as they enter the competitive world of Esports.

Ford has been around video games for many years and with an extensive automotive history that stretches back to the heydays of motorsport, it’s only logical to see to Ford expand into digital racing.

We are always keen to see where companies see the value and return on investment in this scene which can currently seem like one-way traffic. Traditionally, the marketing aspect has always been strict on its perceived return and with that in mind we caught up with Emmanuel Lubrani, Senior Manager, brand communications and content development, at Ford of Europe to learn more about Ford’s current plans and how you can get involved in being part of the team, take a look in the video below.

If you want to audition to become part of the Fordzilla Esports Team, get yourself down to RedBull Gaming Sphere in Central London on Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th of December between 12pm–10pm to stand a chance to getting picked and the opportunity to win either an Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. You can find out more about Fordzilla here and check out the latest blog updates and activity on the Team here.


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