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Interviews EGX 2019: Gravity Chase developer Interview


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Game: Gravity Chase

Platform: PC, XBox One

Publisher: RePixel8

Release Date: Late 2020

We’ve seen a wealth of indie racing titles come to our attention recently, so we were expecting to see more than a few with our recent trip to EGX – UK’s biggest gaming event.

We weren’t disappointed, the first title to catch our eyes was a very early version of Gravity Chase – a futuristic racing game which draws inspiration from titles such as Wipeout, F-Zero, and the lesser-known Tube Slider. The action in Gravity Chase takes place in ‘Hyperloop Circuits’ – vacuum tunnels tracks which allow 360 degrees racing which makes for a fast and frantic experience.

We caught up with developer and founder of RePixel8 Games Andrew Jefferys who states Gravity Chase is actually a sequel to Velocity G which saw its release on Xbox One and PC earlier in the year.

Gravity Chase ditches the cartoon-like cell-shaded art style found in Velocity G in favour of a more realistic tone. The anti-gravity also introduces weapons (which can be used in Takedown mode) as well as ten new customisable ships across several different classes and 12 tracks. Gravity Chase also has split-screen support for up to four players.

RePixel8 are targeting an early 2020 release across PC (Steam) and Xbox One with other consoles “coming later”. You can view some action from Gravity Chase as well as our interview with RePixel8 in the video below.

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