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Art of Rally is an upcoming retro-inspired top-down racer from the makers of Absolute Drift.

Art of Rally will be a more predictable and forgiving experience than its predecessor, however, don’t get too comfortable as you will not be afforded the luxury of a co-driver. Instead, you’ll have to react to the ever-changing road conditions which will take some mastering.

We recently caught up with Dune Casu, developer at Funselecktor to find out more about this intriguing top-down racer.

Like many of you reading this, Casu grew up playing games such as the Colin McRae Rally series from Codemasters which left a lasting impression and provided some inspiration for Art of Rally.

Dune explains the handling in Art of Rally is built on the same physics engine as Absolute Drift albeit with lots of improvements which should make the title a little easier to get into.

Despite the adorable art style, Art of Rally is very much a simulation title that requires gentle use of the throttle, braking and steering to be successful. Most stages clock in at around 5-6 km although there are some stages that are as long as 10-12 km which are going to require a high level of concentration.

Art of Rally features a career mode which will see you race over 30 iconic rally cars from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Group A, Group B and Group S car classes also feature. You’ll race across the globe in a range of different conditions (tarmac, gravel, snow, dirt) at 50 rally stages with Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan, and Germany all featuring.

You can also expect to repair your rally car’s damage in-between stages, and test your skills in the daily and weekly challenges, along with leaderboard support. Art of Rally also features a full original soundtrack.

Art of Rally is expected to launch on Steam in 2020, the developer is currently deciding whether or not to have a simultaneous console release. To learn more on Art of Rally check out our developer interview below.



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