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Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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When we first heard the announcement Black Bean would be bringing the WRC license back to life it was met with a somewhat mixed reception. Did they have the financial power to build a product that effectively captured such an expansive sport? That’s a question I’ll leave to the review but one thing is for sure, when you take on a major license, the pressure is on to perform and do that license justice.

So with obvious budgetary limitations a developer needs to take an active decision that gains the best return on investment and on console that will always sway towards a controller input, and why not? Simple, easy to grasp experiences are what many of the general public demand and that appears to be the direction taken when making the game.

So developing a game that handles right with the wheel is not an easy business, you want something intuitive, yet approachable. Dirt 2 was very light where as RBR got the mix right, a predictable nature building the ability to commit, and a driver that can’t have the faith to commit, won’t be winning races.

But away from the detail of handling this and that, am I actually enjoying it?

So I go onward to delve deeper into the game and look to bring you a definitive review early in October, right I’m off to hit the stages and make a few more videos of my journey.

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