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WRC 4 Vita first look gameplay video - Italy

Martin Bigg On October 8, 2013
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Our extensive WRC 4 preview coverage kicks off with a first look at the Vita version, as Milestone continue to support Sony's struggling platform which is still sadly in short supply of quality driving games.

Unlike last year's WRC Vita iteration, WRC 4 is, much like Milestone's port of MotoGP '13, the full fat game: every car, stage from the console version will be included from day one this time round, along with a career mode, making for a much more definitive package for rallying on-the-go. Expect your thumbs to get a thorough workout on WRC 4's challenging stages.  

Graphically, WRC 4 on the Vita is looking very plush indeed, looking even closer to its console counterpart than WRC 3 which he hailed as "the most realistic driving game currently available for Vita" in our review, as you can see in our first hands-on video below featuring the remodelled Italy stage, which proved to be a very challenging course indeed with its abundance of hairpin turns and high speed straights: 

We'll have lots more WRC 4 coverage coming soon from ALan's recent visit to Milestone in Milan in the run-up to its final release on October 25th.

WRC 4 can be preordered directly from Pqube.

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Marco Maas On 2013-10-11 07:04:24
Marco Maas

Thanks for the preview of the vita conversion. Seems like Milestone listened actually! Full game, but now on the small big screen smile


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