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Lotus 98T Formula One car arrives in Assetto Corsa

James Allen On July 24, 2014

The latest update for Assetto Corsa has been released, bringing new content and tweaked features to Kunos Simulazioni's Steam Early Access PC racing sim.

Headlining Assetto Corsa Version 0.21 is the inclusion of an all-new car for the title: Lotus' 98T F1 car, which was driven by Johnny Dumfries and Ayrton Senna in the 1986 Formula One World Championship.

Other noteworthy features in the new AC build include revised tyre damping simulation for every car in the game, alterations to the 'Ideal Line' racing line assist, new graphic engine improvements and culling AI drivers from online multiplayer events.

All of the changes made to Assetto Corsa in the 0.21 update can be found below:
Multiplayer Improvements : New server version available 
Multiplayer Gameplay improvements 
New Post Processing Effects engine implemented 
Implemented booking-less server joining 
Physical Dynamic track implemented 
Shader fixes and improvements 
Time Attack fixed start with too much time 
Fixed AI starting at the same time in qualify 
AI improvements, better gas control and understeer detection 
New Car: Lotus 98T 
Lotus Elise SC, Exige 240R, Scura, Exige S Roadster speedometers corrections 
Changes in speedometers visualization depending on UI options and car design 
Tyre damping modifications for all cars 
Ideal Line improvements 
Improved Python Apps error handling on loading 
Dynamic wing controller now use setup value as initial angle value. 
Localization fixes 
Time Difference displayer improved 
Fixed camera triple screen & driver names 
Fixes in Replay for cars with animated suspensions 
Fixed "You have been sent to pits" issue 
GUI forms default position not overlapping with system messages anymore & GUI Improvements 
Showroom updated with the latest graphic engine improvements 
ksEditor updated with the latest graphic engine improvements 
Per-Car New setup option to customize Force Feedback 
Disabled AI in multiplayer events 
Replay size reduced by half 
Fixed crew placement in multiplayer events 
Virtual mirror remembers its last state & virtual mirror improvements on triple screen cfg 
Fixed mirror rendering bug 
Adjustable brake balance while driving, for cars that support the feature 
Adjustable brake balance in the physics brakes.ini file 
Brake balance working with all the control configurations 
Fixed wrong time reported after Booking


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