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Forza Motorsport 5 assists comparison video

Martin Bigg On September 4, 2013

Concluding our Forza Motorsport 5 coverage, our latest Gamescom gameplay video sees Alan once again testing out the new physics engine with all the assists turned off in an Audi R18.

For this run, we thought we'd have a little comparison. Curious to see how novice players will experience Forza 5, Alan flicked off the assists expecting a softer, more superficial drive that compromises the physics in favour of accessibility like many other racers. Fortunately, it turns out Forza 5 is the exception, as the car dynamics don't seem to have been sacrificed. This was of course an early version of the game however, so whether or not this will still be the case in the final game remains to be seen.

Still want more ForzaMotorsport 5  We've got plenty of content from Gamescom, including a harrowing test drive with the McLaren P1 without assists and an extensive interview with Creative Director Dan Greenawalt.

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