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Thrustmaster TX Xbox One wheel will feature force feedback

Martin Bigg On September 9, 2013

When Thrustmaster unveiled their TX wheel for the Xbox One, we were concerned about its apparent lack of force feedback from the teaser announcement.

Fortunately, our worries have been eradicated as Thrustmaster have released a small snippet from the full specification confirming that the TX will indeed feature force feedback in the form of an intriguing "industrial-class brushless motor" that will deliver a "super smooth and seamless force feedback effect" and "ultra responsive and realistic force effects."

It's a welcome relief to hear that there will be at least one wheel aimed at hardcore sim racers available for the launch of the Xbox One to burn some next gen rubber in Forza Motorsport 5. Indeed, it could become a viable alternative to Fanatec's Forza wheels - especially since compatibility with their range of Xbox 360 Forza wheels, namely the CSR and CSR Elites, remains uncertain at this point. 

Having said that, it still hasn't been confirmed if the TX will sport a clutch pedal or be compatible with PCs as with Fanatec's range. 

As for the price, it's been confirmed that the TX will retail for a whopping $399.99 - a premium price that is hopefully indicative of a supreme premium product. At that price, I would certainly expect the luxury of a clutch pedal at any rate. Of course, this price comes in addition to the steep asking price of the Xbox One, too - here's hoping Fanatec find a way to make their current wheels compatible so we don't have to spend a small fortune to experience Forza Motorsport 5 at its full potential. 

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