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Pagani Zonda R confirmed for Assetto Corsa

Martin Bigg On September 13, 2012
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Looks like the rivalry between PC sims Project CARS and Assetto Corsa is about to intensify, as Kunos Simulazioni has announced the addition of Pagani's zany Zonda R to Assetto Corsa's growing car roster - not long after Project CARS boasted about their own agreement with Pagani

The Pagani Zonda R should need no introduction to petrolheads. With only 15 in existence, it stands as a rare yet by no means forgettable hunk of a car capable of some serious speed thanks to its Mercedes-Benz 6-litre V12 engine.

Its inclusion in Assetto Corsa comes as no surprise though, given that it's a popular choice for racing simulations. In fact, there's probably more Zonda R's available in video games than there are in real life. 

The Zonda R is said to launch with the 1.0 build of the game, still slated for release later this year. With new licenses presumably yet to be unveiled, we're getting increasingly more excited about Assetto Corsa, especially if the driving physics live up to their promise of absolute realism - it could well be the dark horse of driving games in 2012. 

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Martin Bigg Martin Bigg
Interesting there's no mention of any classic car content, given that it was such a major selling point of F1 2013.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes the power gulf between PC and consoles has expanded to a point that the PC is already a next-gen system. 

Topic: F1 2014 and F1 2015 AnnouncedView

Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
Of course a much better TT bike racing experience than Tourist Trophy by most likely much better than Jester and Grand Tourismo 7 already exists. The TT Isle of Man Moutain course add-0n for the gp500 pc game.

Aracde physics? I'd rather play something better myself..

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Lorenzo Kupstaitis Lorenzo Kupstaitis
Yes, F1 2015 will be on PC. Codemasters announced it on their Facebook page.

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John Boden John Boden
Hopefully the "Next Gen" F1 2015 game will also be on PC and not just a console exclusive! Great news that they're releasing new games earlier in the season now!

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