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Mad Catz Xbox One Force Feedback Wheel set for release in July

Martin Bigg On June 26, 2014

Thrustmaster have had the next-gen wheel market to themself, with the release of the Ferrair 458 TX wheel and the forthcoming T300 RS. It's about to face some competition, however, as the Mad Catz Xbox One Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals has finally been dated after it was announced way back in August last year

The Xbox One Force Feedback Wheel can be preordered from the official US Mad Catz site for $399.99, where it is expected to ship on July 3rd. Its European release date is currently unknown, however, but its listed on the European Mad Catz site for £349.99. 

The peripheral has the feature-set we've come to expect from premium racing wheels: it has dual rotation settings of 270 and 900 degrees ideal for playing arcade or simulation racing games, aluminium paddle shifters and pedals and a suede leather rim. The pedals are fully adjustable - you can adjust the level of spring force and travel and set them to nine different lateral positions as well as being able to adjust the height.

Of course, for serious racing game enthusiasts, the main reason for buying this wheel is in the title: the force feedback. It's driven by helical gears, which Mad Catz claim are "stronger, more precise, and far quieter" than straight-cut counterparts, while its dual motor system promises a high level of realism.

What do you say, Xbox One owners? Does this new racing wheel take your fancy, or will you be opting for the Thrustmaster TX?

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