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Le Mans circuit replica built in Minecraft

Martin Bigg On April 23, 2013
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There's never a dull day in the weird and wondrous world of Minecraft. From Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone to intricate constructions of just about every Star Wars vehicle, legions of fans have poured countless amounts of hours building replicas of just about anything and everything, brick by virtual brick. It was surely only a matter of time, then, that someone would take it upon themselves to build a replica of the famous Le Mans circuit. And that they have, with astonishing accuracy. 

Built by user AustinZetzman, the project took something of a lifetime to complete. Well, by that I actually mean four months. But spending four tireless months laying down virtual bricks in a computer game to build a virtual race track demands a pretty commendable level of dedication.     

Virtually nothing has been overlooked in this faithful recreation of the iconic Circuit de la Sarthe: the grandstand is there, as are the garages, the pit lane and even the offices for the officials. The almost obsessive attention to detail is astounding.

All-in-all, an arguably dubious use of time, but an undeniably impressive achievement nonetheless that has garnered this user 15 minutes of irreplaceable internet fame. Indeed, the fact that the circuit is even recognisable is an achievement itself considering Minecraft's somewhat primitive tool-set.

Job well done, chap. Now please, for your own sake, take a long trip outside. 

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