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Codemasters tease DiRT 4: "Rally is coming back"

Martin Bigg On October 25, 2012
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DiRT 4 is coming. This we know. But exactly when and in what form is a mystery for now.

Speculation has been rife recently, however, as Codemasters' Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman has been posting some tantalising tweets showcasing Ken Block's Fiesta, which of course was the cover car of DiRT 3 and an integral part of Gymkhana.

Commenting on the first photo, Paul stated "“Commence your speculation. #dirt”

A second more intriguing photo showing the Fiesta situated on a race track read "Another teaser. Sadly I can't say what I am actually doing but it's fun."

Unsurprisingly, many assumed that these were hinting at Codemasters' upcoming DiRT sequel, sparking concern that DiRT 4 will continue DiRT 3's penchant for performing gnarly Gymkhana stunts that scorned those who were craving a back-to-the-roots rally experience.

To me, this seemed unlikely, as Codemasters have previously confirmed that this year's DiRT Showdown was designed to cater for that audience, paving the way for a return to rallying in DiRT 4. 

Earlier today, Paul confirmed my suspisions in response to a fan who asked if the posted photos were an indication that we should expect more Gymkhana fluff and less rally in DiRT 4: "nothing to do with DiRT4. Rally is coming back. Don't worry." Sounds promising to us, but whether or not it will take a backseat in favour of Gymkhana-style events again remains to be seen.

Don't forget that Paul is a self-confessed rally fanatic and a real life co-driver since last year, too, so if DiRT 4's focus is firmly back on rally then it could be something very special indeed. With GRiD 2 hoping to recapture "total race day immersion," we can only hope that DiRT 4 has similar aspirations for rallying and ditch the wanton Americanisation altogether.

Of course, this stil doesn't confirm what the photos were actually representing. Ken Block made a one-off appearance at today's Top Gear Live event however, so that could explain it. 

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Nathan harris On 2012-10-25 22:10:01
Nathan harris

Ohh CM don't make me laugh you can't make a good rally game anymore, You have Ken Block the stunt driver on your team, if you want to make a rally game get some advice from a RALLY driver.....the old Collin McRea games were great and it's all gone down hill since you got Ken Block to help you....


Miguel Silva On 2012-10-25 21:55:38
Miguel Silva

really coming back or comming back as it did in dirt3?


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