Table Top Racing: World Tour - Team VVV

Table Top Racing: World Tour


PS4, XBox One



Steering wheel compatible



Playrise Digital

UK Release Date


Our Review

7 /10

The good

  • Hidden depth to each track
  • Very impressive vehicle models
  • Responsive controls
  • Polished appearance throughout

The bad

  • Online can be hit or miss


Table Top Racing: World Tour is a fun miniature arcade racing title which is probably best played in 30-minute doses here and there. Vehicle handling is responsive, satisfying, and fun and the game has an online mode which can be very competitive at times (when it works properly). The beauty with Table Top Racing: World Tour is that the experience can be as simple or as deep as you want it to be. You can opt into collecting all the stars and super coins, unlocking all the secret routes and using all the available shortcuts or, if you prefer, leave them out completely – the choice is yours. With its budget price tag, it’s easy to recommend giving Table Top Racing: World Tour a bash.

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